The D.O.R Women's Championship was a world women's championship created and promoted by the professional wrestling mini show called Day Of Reckoning Championship Wrestling on the World Virtual Wrestling promotion.

The championship was introduced on October 15, 2016. On October 15, 2016, Torrie Wilson Defeated Trish Stratus in the inaugural championship match on the first ever episode of D.O.R Championship Wrestling.

On July 3, 2017 it was announced by World Virtual Wrestling that Day Of Reckoning Championship Wrestling and Supreme Action Pro Wrestling will no longer be continuing. Therefore the brands are now defunct and all championships have now all been deactivated.

All Champions have only held this championship on one occasion. The longest reigning champion was Trish Stratus with 241 Days, with the shortest reigning champion being Torrie Wilson with 21 Days. The inaugural champion was Torrie Wilson. The final championship holder was Trish Stratus.

No. Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Location Event Notes
1. Torrie Wilson 1 October 15, 2016 21 Hollywood, California D.O.R Wrestling: Episode One Defeated Trish Stratus in a One on One, Steel Cage Match.
2. Trish Stratus 1 November 5, 2016 241 Chicago, Illinois D.O.R Wrestling: Episode Four, Remember Remember Special Defeated Torrie Wilson in a One on One, Hardcore Match.
- Deactivated - July 3, 2017 - - - -