SCS 2: Vengeance Of A Queen was a Soulcalibur Showdown event produced by World Virtual Wrestling. It took place on September 6, 2017 at the Conqueror's Coliseum on the border of the Mughal Empire. It was the second event in the Soulcalibur Showdown chronology.

This event is part of Soulcalibur Showdown. Therefore the competitors and championships on the show are part of the Soulcalibur Showdown brand.

7 matches were contested at the event. In the main event, Exador Atari became the first person to defeat Queen Qwen and became the new Soulcalibur Champion.


After defending her Soulcalibur Championship successfully against Yoshimitsu at SCS 1: The Beginning, Queen Qwen is ready to take vengeance to whoever becomes the number one contender.

After Patroklos's victory at SCS 1: The Beginning, he is already in the number one contenders match for Queen Qwen's Soulcalibur Championship. However, whoever wins between Voldo and Exador Atari will face him in the number one contenders match later that evening.

This event also marks the crowning of the inaugural SCS Quickfire Championship. This championship is defended in one round bouts only. Xiba and Leixia have advanced to be in the inaugural match due to their victories at SCS 1: The Beginning.

Apart from the Quickfire Championship competitors. The one rounded bouts on this card, have the competitors who didn't advance past round one in the Inaugural Soulcalibur Championship Tournament.


No. Results Final Score Stipulations Times
1 The Count defeated Jazzar 1-0 1 Round Bout 00:24
2 Ezio Auditore defeated Lord Victor 1-0 1 Round Bout 00:22
3 Exador Atari defeated Voldo 3-1 3 Round Bout, winner advances to the number one contenders match. 02:46
4 Astaroth defeated Claudia 3-1 3 Round Bout 03:12
5 Xiba defeated Leixia 1-0 1 Round Bout for the inaugural SCS Quickfire Championship. 00:50
6 Exador Atari defeated Patroklos 3-2 3 Round Bout, winner challenges Queen Qwen in the main event for the Soulcalibur Championship. 03:11
Main Event Exador Atari defeated Queen Qwen (c) 5-3 5 Round Bout for the Soulcalibur Championship. 05:33